Sing the carpal tunnel syndrome. Sometimes making simple changes in your workplace or home may help relieve symptoms. brand viagra 50mg Treatment may also include: rest, ice, elevation, and exercises rest the wrist by keeping it straight and decreasing activities that worsen pain. Gently apply ice packs to the area. generic viagra canada Elevate the hand above the heart to reduce swelling. Do exercises as directed by your healthcare provider. A wrist splint a splint will prevent extreme movements of the wrist. viagra drug uses It is most effective when worn at night and can help avoid waking up with symptoms. buy viagra cheap Medications pain relievers (eg, aspirin, ibuprofen) injection of cortisone into the carpal tunnel surgery surgery may be needed if symptoms are severe or continue after trying other treatments. brand viagra 50mg The most common procedure is the carpal tunnel release. viagra canada If you are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, follow your doctor's instructions. Prevention you may reduce your chances of getting carpal tunnel syndrome by taking these steps: minimize repetitive hand movements when possible. Alternate between activities or tasks to reduce the strain on your body. will half viagra pill work When using your wrists, keep them straight and let your arms and shoulders share the stress. Use your whole hand or both hands to pick up an item. order viagra online Avoid holding an object the same way for a long time. If you work in an office, adjust your desk, chair, and keyboard so you are in the best possible position: back straight feet flat on the floor or resting on a footrest knees level with or slightly lower than your hips shoulders in a neutral position, not forward or back elbows bent at a 90 degree angle forearms parallel to the floor and wrists straight take breaks at least once an hour to: rest or shake your hands massage the palms and backs of your hands get regular aerobic exercise such as walking or swimming. viagra online without prescription Cut down on caffeine and smoking, which may reduce blood flow to your hands. Resources: american academy of orthopedic surgeons american association of neurological surgeons canadian resources: canadian centre for occupational health and safety physical therapy. Ca references: carpal tunnel syndrome. The female patient. 1997;21-30. buy generic viagra Carpal tunnel syndrome: causes and risk factors. safe viagra online canada Ebsco dynamed website. Available at: updated june 2009. Accessed july.