Shelley Kolman Smith, LLC - Portraits and Liturgical Art

Flying Paint Ranch Sculpture Studio, Poetry, Texas

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By God’s Grace....For God’s Glory
Shelley Kolman Smith, LLC - Portraits and Liturgical Art
Flying Paint Ranch Sculpture Studio

Celebrating God’s gift with

         inventive thought,

                    a sensitive eye

                               and a delicate touch.




After several years of teaching herself the art of drawing and painting portraits, Shelley took a short sculpting class in 2003 and was hooked. Her first bronze sculpture, "Jesus, the Living Water" portrays Christ,  (in the collection of St. Johns’ in Terrell) arms outstretched as water flows from one hand to the other.  This sculpture won a BENE thru Ministry and Liturgy Magazine and was later published on one of their covers. Shelley had always felt that God was directing her art  and guiding her hands, now she’s certain He lead her to this new medium.  She has since had a variety of commissions, most resulting in  repeat clients.

    She has a natural gift for portraying not only a likeness, but the personality of her subjects.  Many of her clients have remarked that they find themselves "waiting for her sculptures to breathe."  She takes great delight in exploring the subtle nuances that define each of us as individuals and illuminating this in her portraits.  Her Liturgical pieces are created after many hours of prayer and research.  Shelley thoroughly enjoys collaborating with her clients and works to combine their imagination with hers to produce a piece of art that will be enjoyed for many generations.                                              


“O.C. “Putter” Jarvis


New! Collectible Bronze Reliefs , see Portfolio for photos and information